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Gas Distribution Network (Sales Gas Supply System)
 Location: Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
 From:  February 25, 2007
 To:  May 29, 2011
 Description :

This contract includes all engineering, procurement and construction activities required to provide a custody transfer Gas Metering Station (Metering Skid) for Sales Gas to the Light Industrial Park expansion area.  The project scope includes the following:

  1. Installation of 14” & 12” diameter gas supply pipeline from the tie-in point with Saudi Aramco existing 36” Header Sales Gas System pipeline approximately 4.81KM water supply and sewerage lines for all buildings.
  2. Hot tapping of existing 36” header Sales Gas System (for additional pipe support and pipe length of Line No. 12” – FG-0101-3CS9P.
  3. Installation of dual path Metering Skid
  4. Construction of Instrumentation Building
  5. Installation of PLC, RTU, UPS and associated communication equipments
  6. Installation of FOC from Metering Skid to existing NGL Building approximately 1.0 KM.
  7. Electrical – Communication works and Air conditioning
  8. Gas Leak Detection System
  9. Electrical Power Supply Circuit and Metering
  10. Civil Works and Fencing of Metering compound
  11. Neutralization Tank Sewer Line
  12. Engineering and Design analysis for Hazop Study, Building Risk Assessment and Cathodic Protection
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