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Saudi Aramco Completed Projects
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 Description :
 Location: Hawiyah and Uthmaniyah
 From:  August 28, 2013
 To:  November 30, 2013 extended unt
 Description :

This scope of work identifies the WORK required for the installation of HIPPS and mitigation valve (SSV) on existing HWYH-59 Wellhead flowline.

The work includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Shall dismantle the existing 8” wellhead pipe spools as shown in the piping drawings.
  2. Installation of New HIPPS skid (4514 design) and one SSV mitigation valve.
  3. Conduct hydrostatic testing in accordance with the construction drawings.
  4. Complete all Civil WORKS required for HIPS installation.
  5. Supply / Fabricate and installation of the flange enclosure at the drain pit.
  6. Painting of valves, above ground piping and fittings to the extent and limits shown on Project Drawings, guardrail, structural steel and steel supports.
  7. Prior to hydrostatic testing, Contractor shall flush clean of loose scale and debris of the new piping.
  8. Contractor shall excavate temporary drain pit to drain the flushing water.
  9. External coating of buried girth welds; holiday detection of external coating and repairing holidays or installing heat shrink sleeves.
  10. Construction of Type III Fence 120m x 120m around HWYH-59 as mentioned in project document list.
Improve Water Supply Quality at Dhahran
 Location: Dhahran
 From:  December 28, 2011
 To:  July 31, 2013
 Description :

Scope of work is to install the following items:

  • One Additional water well
  • One Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit
  • One Additional drinking water, and
  • Modifying the drinking water distribution network to supply potable water quality to all Dhahran community for in-door uses.

Contractor shall supply, install and commission major facilities which are located at the following sites but not limited to:

  • Water Well 878
  • Drinking Water Plant
  • Drinking Water Distribution Network

Contractor shall supply, install and commission  major components of this project which are summarized as follows but not limited to:

  • One New Water Well 878 with electrical submersible pump, associated pipelines, electrical components and instrumentation.
  • New drinking water tank
  • Replacement of drinking water network pipeline (with HDPE material) and house connection.
  • Underground RTR Pipeline for Raw Water Services
  • New RO unit utilizing spiral would membranes.
  • New On/Off Control Valves as a replacement of existing On/Off/Control Valves
  • New cartridge filters
  • New sulphuric acid pump
  • New pressure exchangers with booster pump
  • New R.O feed water pumps with variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • New calcium calcite filters
  • New calcium calcite filter feed pumps with VFDs
  • New calcium hypochlorite pumps
  • New soda ash pumps
  • New Sulfuric Acid pumps
  • New degasifier tower with degasifier sump and blower
  • New booster water pumps with VFDs
  • New product water transfer pumps with VFDs

New Flushing pump

37405/00, Uthmaniyah Khuff Gas Well 550 and Flowline to Uthmaniyah GOSP-6
 Location: Uthmaniyah
 From:  July 1991
 To:  June 1992
 Description :

Construction of 8 Km long, heavy wall 8” diameter pipeline, Wellhead, Vessels, Fabrication and Erection of Structural Platforms, Instrumentations & In Plant Expansion of U-GOSP-6 for High Pressure Khuff Gas Wells.

Uthmaniyah 620 & 621, Uthmaniyah GOSP-13
 Location: Uthmaniyah
 From:  October 1991
 To:  January 1992
 Description :

11 Km of new (10” dia.) Flowline, Wellheads and Tie-ins.

40239/00 – Pipeline Replacement and Maintenance for UA-4 and UA-6
 Location: Uthmaniyah and Abqaiq
 From:  October 1991
 To:  October 1993
 Description :

Replacement of 28,000 Linear meters, sleeving of 1,700 Linear meters and reconditioning of 38,000 Linear meters of various pipe diameters ranging from 40” to 48”.

Hawiyah GOSP-2, Flowlines 166/180/181/183/18-HA
 Location: Hawiyah
 From:  December 1991
 To:  June 1992
 Description :

22 Km of 10” and 8” Flowlines, 16” Trunklines, Wellheads, and Tie-Ins. Work includes but not limited to complete pipe laying, hydrotesting, thrust boring, cold cutting, and commissioning assistance.

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