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Additional Parallel Waste Water Force Main Line from PS-56 to PS-P4
 Location: Jubail
 From:  September 05, 2011
 To:  July 31, 2012 – extended Feb
 Description :

Scope of work shall have full responsibility for the detailed engineering design, procurement of necessary materials and equipment, fabrication, delivery, erection at site, clean and paint, inspect, test, construct and install:

  • 1200mm NPS Sanitary force-main Pipeline (GRP – Fibre Glass Pipe) from PS-56 to PS-P4, mostly parallel to existing 700mm AC force-main.
  • Air release Valve chambers.
  • Wash-out chambers.
  • Two Pipeline Isolation Gate valves in Air release valve chambers.
  • A concrete chamber at PS-56 end with gate valve, magnetic flow-meter and bypass piping/valve for flow-meter maintenance.
  • Tie-in to 900mm nozzle provided by the PS-56 expansion contractor.
  • Tie-in to existing 1200mm stub-out on the west-side of flow-dividing chamber at PS-P4.
  • Installation of pipeline by Horizontal Thrust boring at road crossings as per Royal Commission requirements.
  • Concrete encasements for open cut sections under storm water drainage channels, Railway ROW and Pipeline ROW.

The contractor shall provide all materials, labor, equipment and related resources for all of the above work.

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